Whmcs next due date not updating

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Whmcs next due date not updating

* The invoice amount is automatically converted from your WHMCS currency to Bitcoin and then deposited into your Stripe account in your local currency.

* Refund Bitcoin payments through WHMCS * This module is provided unencoded * One year of support/updates are included. * Only USA Bank accounts are currently supported by Stripe.

and more Ability to choose date format for Expiry Date & Next Due Date Ability for multiply SMS notification at N days before expire (30,5: 30 days & 5 days before expire) Ability to send SMS with more than 160 characters (Long SMS) Ability to send SMS at N hours from Cron Job run (Schedule SMS - gateway must support this) History for sent SMS with SMS Status (DLR) and Cost List with sms that is about to send Wizard tool to copy the phones from default field to custom field Balance Credits from selected SMS Gateway (s) Admin Login /Logout - Secure your Admin Page!

Multiple SMS gateways with international code criteria Multi language SMS patterns!

So Your Business Provides An Immediate Renewal Of Customers' Services & Provides Quick Update To Customers.This hooks into the daily cronjob and runs each day with that which should ensure new domains are updated and old ones are kept in sync with renewals and other changes, however if required it can also be run from the Addons page.This module is pretty much ready to go so I hope to have it packaged up and available pretty soon and am looking at offering a yearly leased license for £10/year or an owned license for £20.The SMS Notify Can Send Mass SMS & Notify For New Orders Or New Support Tickets And Many More....After adding an order you can bulk change the Next Due Date or any other parameter missing in the Api Function using the Mysql Direct Import and the Update Feature using a primary key like the domain name.

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It has an extremely wide range of features, from billing to new concepts and ideas that improve your system with many handy tools and also new ways to monetize services that you didn't know you could sell. WHMCS is a very complex software made for Hosting Providers, Web Agencies and more in general for IT professionals but some parts of it has been left uncompleted.

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