Yogi dating

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Yogi dating

I thought we had a similar outlook on life, and I liked the fact that he seemed so down-to-earth. By the time we were at the restaurant we were so in the flow that we never made it past a pitcher of mint lemonade!When the night of the date came, he picked me up and off we went. We sat at the table for three hours, drunk on conversation.Depending on your familiarity with yoga, the thought of dating a yoga teacher could either terrify or intrigue you.

There was not an inch of me wondering whether we'd be going out again.When you date a yogi, you might just come home to find the kitchen table relocated to the living room — and replaced with a super bendy human.Whether it be a spontaneous vacation or a random road trip, yogis love to keep life interesting.But, your partner will leave you feeling even stronger in the long run, because they can teach you what it means to be strong.Flexibility comes right along with a daily yoga practice.

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We exchanged a few emails the next day, but he didn't mention any plans — I just assumed he was going to call to do that.