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It may take some time and seem extremely believable.Eventually, they may ask you to join a Skype (video) call with them.Image credit: MCA Datuk Seri Michael Chong (picture above) held a press conference and showed pictures of the Filipino girl who called herself Sarah Mae.This is not the first occurrence of such a scam, in April this year a hotel employee from Bintawa, Kuching also fell victim to sexual extortion. Image credit: Identitytheftsecrets Also read: Skype kills or Skype heals?A seemingly innocent friendship soon took a turn when she requested to see him naked on Skype in exchange for exposing her own body.Kelvin lost a total of RM3,300 when the girl was not satisfied with the initial transfer of RM2,500.- A woman from the Philippines who had set up a sexortion gang has revealed many of the dirty secrets of her “trade”- She blackmailed hundreds of Western men over the internet- The woman is now in jail, but the extortion apparently continues A female Filipino gang boss recently revealed the sordid secrets of the sex extortion ring she had set up from a small village in the Philippines.

Kelvin Chong, a married 37-year-old, first met the young Filipino online through Tagged, a social network site, and they subsequently became friends on Facebook.She gathered together a whole group of boys and girls, some even as young as 13, to trick Western men into performing sex acts in front of the camera, many of them completely naked.Install TUKO App To Read News For FREECaparas started to become famous, and was dubbed the “Queen of Sextortion”, although she still denies she is the leader of the syndicate, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below.

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